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Jane Adcock

Consultant Neurologist

Samrah Ahmed

Honorary Senior Research Associate

Colin J Akerman

Professor of Neuroscience

Iona Alexander

Post Doctoral Research Scientist

Zoi Alexopoulou

Clinical Fellow and DPhil Candidate

Charlotte Allan

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

Tahereh (Laleh) Ansari

Postdoctoral Researcher

Olaf Ansorge

Associate Professor

Daniel C Anthony

Professor of Experimental Neuropathology

Chrystalina Antoniades

A/Professor of Clinical Neuroscience

Neil Armstrong

Honorary Fellow

Frances Ashcroft

Research Professor

Mary Jane Attenburrow

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Tipu Aziz

Professor of Neurosurgery

Paul Azzopardi

Departmental Lecturer in Perception and Psychophysics

Marina Charquero Ballester

Post-graduate Research Assistant

David Bannerman

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Chris Barkus

Post-doctoral Researcher

Alun Barnard

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Sarah Bauermeister

Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology

Esther Becker

Professor of Translational Neuroscience

Sally Beebe

Research Nurse

David Beeson

Emeritus Professor

Timothy Behrens

Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Sophie Behrman

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow

Andrew Bell

Career Development Lecturer

David Bennett

Professor of Neurology and Neurobiology

Jill Betts

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Martijn Beudel

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Janine Bijsterbosch

Postdoctoral Researcher in the FMRIB Analysis Group

Amy Bilderbeck

Honorary Member

Lucy Binney

Clinical Research Fellow

Geoff Bird

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dora Biro

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dorothy Bishop

Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology

Sonia Bishop

Senior Research Fellow (ERC consolidation grant)

Simon Blackwell

Post-doctoral Research Assistant

Nicholas Blockley

University Research Lecturer

Sandra Boccard

Post-doctoral Researcher

Rafal Bogacz

Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Kristin Bohn

Senior Research Clinician

Paul Bolam

Professor of Anatomical Neuropharmacology

Valerie Bonnelle

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Erie Boorman

Chas Bountra

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Professor of Translational Medicine

Lucy Bowes

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow & Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology

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