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The Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) Thames Valley Network Centre brings together researchers in and around the Thames Valley region with expertise in dementia and cognition using a range of techniques including imaging, neuropathology, genetics and model systems. The Network Centre unites dementia researchers across the Universities of Oxford, Reading and Oxford Brookes.

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We hold annual research days and public open days which normally take place in Oxford. We also offer network members a range of funding opportunities throughout the year.

The ARUK Thames Valley Network Centre Organising Committee

Each Network Centre has an organising committee, chaired by the Network Coordinator, who decide on Network activities and the use of grant funds.






Dr Becky Caryle is the Network Coordinator          






KatieThomas is the Network Administrator.




The ARUK Thames Valley Network Centre Organising Committee consists of 

Becky Carlyle (Network Coordinator), Katie Thomas (Network Administrator), Mark Dallas, Angela Bithell, Patrick Esser, Clare Mackay, Richard Wade-Martins, Ivan Koychev, Laura Winchester, Johnny Collett, Xin Tai, Samrah Ahmed, and Ludovica Griffanti

See the full listing of Alzheimer’s Research UK Thames Valley Network Members including the Organising Committee, Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and all our network members.

If you are interested in becoming a network member, please complete the form here.


We held an online public event titled, ‘The journey from Reading to Oxford: Building roads to save memories’ on Thursday 17th June 2021, as part of the Lab Notes series hosted by Alzheimer’s Research UK. Read more

Research Days

Past events are listed on our dedicated researchers’ webpage.

Funding opportunities for Network members

We offer a range of funding opportunities for network members for small pilot projects, travel (including for online conference registration fees), networking activities and outreach projects. Find out more about the funding opportunities.


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     Twitter @ARUKThamesV