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A - E

Jane Adcock

Consultant Neurologist

Samrah Ahmed

Postdoctoral research scientist, academic neuropsychologist

Colin Akerman

University Lecturer in Neuropharmacology

Zoi Alexopoulou

Clinical Fellow and DPhil Candidate

Charlotte Allan

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

Tahereh (Laleh) Ansari

Postdoctoral Researcher

Daniel Anthony

Head of Experimental Neuropathology Laboratory

Chrystalina Antoniades

Research fellow

Matthew Apps

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Neil Armstrong

Honorary Fellow

Frances Ashcroft

GlaxoSmithKline Royal Society Professor

Tipu Aziz

Professor of Neurosurgery

Victoria Bajo Lorenzana

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Marina Charquero Ballester

Post-graduate Research Assistant

Jasmin Balmer

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

David Bannerman

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Chris Barkus

Post-doctoral Researcher

F - L

John Geddes

Head of Department

Christopher Fairburn

Wellcome Principal Research Fellow

Andrew Farmery

Associate Professor

Mina Fazel

NIHR Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Seena Fazel

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Michelle Fernandes

Post Doctoral Researcher

Nicola Filippini

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Dominik Fischer

MRC Clinical Research Fellow

James FitzGerald

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Stephen Fleming
Stephen Fleming

Visiting Fellow in the Social Psychology & Social Neuroscience Research Group

Jonathan Flint

Professor of Molecular Psychiatry

Jane Fossey

Associate Director of Psychological Services Oxford Health NHS FT

Russell Foster

Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Sleep and Circadian ...

Elaine Fox

Professor of Psychology & Affective Neuroscience

E Sean Foxley

Postdoctoral MRI Physicist

Daniel Freeman

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Valeria Frighi

Senior Clinical Researcher

Robert Frost

Post-Doctoral MRI Physicist

Lars Fugger

Professor of Neuroimmunology

M - R

Clare Mackay

Professor of Imaging Neuroscience

Robert MacLaren

Professor of Ophthalmology

Tamar Makin

WT/RS Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Ed Mann

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Dante Mantini

Sir Henry Dale Wellcome Research Fellow

Jacqueline Marks

OCTUMI-4 Trial Co-ordinator

Rogier Mars
Rogier Mars

Research Fellow

Maryanne Martin

Professor of Abnormal Psychology

Michelle McClements

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Ellen McCulloch

Clinical Research Nurse

Justin McKee

Clinical Research Fellow in Multiple Sclerosis

Hannah McMahon

Research Assistant and Study Coordinator

Rupert McShane

Dementia Clinical Network Lead - Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Arpan Mehta

Academic Clinical Fellow (Neurology)

Ziyah Mehta


Jane Mellanby
Jane Mellanby

Emeritus Fellow of St Hilda's College

S - Z

Irene Tracey

Head of Department & Nuffield Chair in Anaesthetic Science, Nuffield Department ...

Cassandra Sampaio Baptista

Postdoctoral researcher

Jessica Scaife

Postdoctoral Researcher

Gaia Scerif

Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Annina Schmid

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Jan Schnupp

Professor of Neuroscience

Helen Segal

Research Scientist

Sumathi Sekaran

Senior Research Scientist

Arjune Sen

BRC Senior Research Fellow

Hugh Series

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Claire Sexton

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Trevor Sharp

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Michael Sharpe

Professor of Psychological Medicine

Ann Sharpley

Trials Manager & Polysomnographer

Bryony Sheaves

Research Clinical Psychologist

Sue Simkin

Research Associate & Coordinator for the Centre for Suicide Research

Ilina Singh

Professor of Neuroscience & Society

Rebeccah Slater

Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow

James N. Sleigh

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow