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The University of Oxford has a long and illustrious history of neuroscience research dating back to the seventeenth century. Today we are keen to promote an understanding of the history of neuroscience and to preserve our heritage for future generations.

We are proud to be involved in these exciting projects

Quatercentenary of Thomas Willis’s birth

Following celebrations to mark the quatercentenary of pioneering neuroanatomist Thomas Willis's birthday, you can now visit a new comprehensive Willis resource page on the DPAG website, with all the videos from Professor Zoltán Molnár & much more! 

The History of Medical Sciences website

Funded by the  Wellcome Trust and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies this project, led by Damion Young, Jon Mason and Zoltan Molnar in the Department of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics,  aims to preserve and bring to life the History of Medical Sciences through seminars, slides, objects and images.

Rotating 360° images of historical objects

High-resolution, zoomable scans of historic microscope slides 

The Nuffield Department of Anaesthesia Online  Museum

The departmental museum was collected by Richard "Dicky" Salt over many years, from a wide variety of sources in the UK and abroad.

This collection is now available to the world-wide anaesthetic community on the Internet.


Historical material held at Oxford; The Hunterian, Glasgow; and UCL

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

Online History of European Neuroscience Projects

European Brain Museums Project

British Neuroscience Association

History Pages

Further Reading

Thomas Willis (1621–1675), the Founder of Clinical Neuroscience

A Short History of European Neuroscience from the late 18th to the mid 20th Century 

Insights into the Life and Work of Sir Charles Sherrington

Hermann Blaschko - Pharmacologist 1900-1993

Audrey Juliet Arnott (1901‐1974) The Legacy of an Artist in Neurosurgery

Psychology in Oxford 1898 - 1949

50 Years of Experimental Psychology at Oxford


Links to websites focused on the History of Neuroscience