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Irene Tracey

Professor Anaesthetic Neuroscience

Cassandra Sampaio Baptista

Honorary Senior Researcher

Cornelia van Duijn

Professor of Epidemiology

Fernando Nodal

Departmental Lecturer

Joram van Rheede

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Paul Salkovskis

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Jerome Sallet

Academic Visitor

Jessica Scaife

Post-doctoral Researcher

Gaia Scerif

Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Annina Schmid

Professor of Pain Neurosciences

Helen Segal

Research Scientist

Andrew Segerdahl

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Sumathi Sekaran

Senior Research Scientist

Arjune Sen

Professor of Global Epilepsy

Claire Sexton


Ben Seymour

Professor of Clinical Neuroscience

Andrew Sharott

MRC Programme Leader

Trevor Sharp

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Michael Sharpe

Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine

Ann Sharpley

Trials Manager & Polysomnographer

Bryony Sheaves

Research Clinical Psychologist

Danielle Shore

Deputy Research Director of Clinical Psychology Training and Research

Nicola Sibson

Professor of Imaging Neuroscience

Sue Simkin

Research Associate & Coordinator for the Centre for Suicide Research

Judit Simon

Visiting Professor of Cognitive Health Economics

Ilina Singh

Professor of Neuroscience & Society

Rebeccah Slater

Professor of Paediatric Neuroscience

James N. Sleigh

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow

Jessica Smith

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Stephen Smith

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Thomas Smith

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

Hannah Smithson

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Peter P Somogyi

Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology

Stamatios Sotiropoulos

Honorary Research Fellow, FMRIB Analysis

Charles Spence

Professor of Experimental Psychology

Anna Stachowicz

Research Assistant

Charlotte Stagg

Professor of Human Neurophysiology

Bernhard Staresina

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Alan Stein

Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Sarah Stockton

Senior Information Scientist

Mark Stokes

Associate Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience

Suzanne Straebler

Senior Research Clinician

Simon Stringer

Departmental Lecturer

Christopher Summerfield

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Sana Suri

Associate Professor | Alzheimer's Society Research Fellow

Jennifer Swettenham

Research Facilitator

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