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Charlotte J Stagg


Professor of Human Neurophysiology

  • Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
  • Beale Fellow in Medicine, St Hilda's College

Physiological mechanisms of motor learning and recovery

I head the Physiological Neuroimaging Group.

My primary research interest is in understanding how the brain adapts to new challenges, focusing in particular in the physiological processes underlying the learning of new motor skills and in the recovery of motor function after stroke.  

We take a multimodal approach to answer these questions, using advanced MR approaches, MEG, non-invasive brain stimulation and pharmacological agents.  Our multidisciplinary team works on a wide variety of projects, with the ultimate aim of developing novel therapies to improve function in a range of neurological disorders.

We welcome enquires from potential DPhil (PhD) students and Postdoctoral Fellows - please email me.

For more details of our group's research please see our website.   

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