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Amy Bilderbeck

DPhil Experimental Psychology

Post-doctoral Researcher


Broadly, my current research focuses on 'mood instability' - the tendency for moods to change rapidly, and problematically, in some individuals. By understanding the nature of mood instability more clearly, and the impact it has on people's lives, we hope to better understand conditions like bipolar disorder and boderline personality disorder.

I work with Professors Guy Goodwin and John Geddes to support the OXTEXT and CONBRIO research programs. These projects have over lapping themes, and broadly speaking, both investigate the symptomatology, neuropsychology, neurophysiology and genetics of bipolar disorder. Both projects utilize the proprietary mood-monitoring software, True Colours, which has helped us to track changes in patients' moods over long time periods - in some cases, many years. The CONBRIO project (funded by the Wellcome Trust) also investigates some of the features of borderline personality disorder.

I co-ordinate different aspects of this work including, most notably, the AMoSS project (Automated Monitoring of Symptom Severity) which uses automated technologies including smart phones and smart watches, together with True Colours, to investigate mood instability in patients with bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. My previous qualitative research has focused on patients’ and clinicians’ experience of mental health assessments, specifically in cases where patients are suffering from unstable or changing moods. My DPhil research also gave me experience in studying the neurochemical basis for human decision-making and, more specifically, the role played by serotonin in social behaviour. Finally, I collaborate with other researchers at Oxford University in projects which looks at the effects of yoga and meditation among prisoners.

I hold two teaching posts: I am a Psychology Lecturer at Jesus College, with undergraduate teaching responsibilities, and also enjoy giving tutorials in Neurophysiology at my old College, Corpus Christi.

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