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To date, almost 100 students have graduated from the 1+3 programme in Neuroscience. The choices of DPhil projects have been wide and varied, encompassing all of the departments where neuroscience research is carried out.

A selection of recently-submitted theses is listed below:

  • Modelling Human Decision Under Risk and Uncertainty
  • On the Processing of Vowels in the Mammalian Auditory System
  • The Role of GABAergic Circuits in Stimulus Instructed Receptive Field Development
  • Electrophysiological Indices of Graded Attentional and Decision-making Processes
  • The Magnetoencephalographic Signature of Catechol-o-Methyltransferase
  • The Effects of Neuroinflammation on the Subventricular Zone Neurogenic Compartment following Theiler's Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus Infection and its Regulation by Galectin-3.
  • Developing Novel Rodent Models for Investigating Hippocampal Function
  • The Regulation of Postsynaptic GABAa Receptor Signalling in Epilepsy

Selected publications

Nearly 400 publications have resulted from DPhil projects of the students who have graduated from the programme. Recent publications include:

Bruggemeier, B., M. A. Porter, J. O. Vigoreaux and S. F. Goodwin (2018). "Female Drosophila melanogaster respond to song-amplitude modulations." Biol Open 7(6).

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