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All students accepted onto a course at the University of Oxford must also be accepted by a College. It may be difficult to decide which College to apply to, especially if you are unfamiliar with the collegiate university. The lists below only serve as guidance and should not be seen as a particular recommendation for a particular College choice. We DO NOT recommend making a "No College Preference" choice even if you have no particular preference. In this case, an allocation will be made on your behalf by the admissions team but this may not be in a College where there is a Neuroscience representative. Therefore this programme does not recommend this option. If you are in doubt about a College choice please e-mail the Course Lecturer for advice.

For DPhil 1+3 Programme in Neuroscience

The full list of Colleges that will accept students for this programme is given on the Graduate Admissions website. The following are suggestions from the programme based on availability of Neuroscience fellows and recommendations from previous students. We particular recommend these Colleges where members of the Organising Committee for MSc in Neuroscience are fellows;

A selection of other Colleges where lecturers (or project supervisors) on the 1+3 Doctoral programme in Neuroscience course are fellows;

Other Colleges that previous 1+3 Doctoral students in  Neuroscience students have attended;

Colleges that do not, at present, accept applications for the 4 year Doctoral Programme in Neuroscience

  • All Souls College
  • Harris Manchester College
  • Nuffield College
  • St Anthony's College