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The graduate training programme in Neuroscience is very well established. The programme has been running since 1996 and has an excellent record of achievement in terms of the publications and future careers of students who have graduated from the programme. The programme is highly regarded internationally and its alumni are now leading neuroscientists.

The course gives an integrated view of Neuroscience, and provides a wide range of practical skills so that the students can ask questions and tackle problems that transcend the traditional disciplines from which Neuroscience has evolved.  The first year follows the taught MSc course, during which students undertake two extended research projects from a choice of over one hundred offered by the extensive Neurosciences research community in Oxford.  Students also attend the graduate programme lecture series which provides a broad education covering molecular, cellular, systems, computational and cognitive neuroscience. 

After successful completion of the MSc students continue with a 3 year doctoral research project (DPhil). During the third term students decide which laboratory(ies) and supervisor(s) they wish to work with and write a proposal for their three-year doctoral research project. The doctoral project can take place in any area of Neuroscience within the Oxford network of laboratories and approved Supervisors.