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The main closing date for ALL programmes of study and studentship opportunities is

NOON on DECEMBER 1st 2023

Before completing the application form you are advised to read the details published on the University of Oxford Graduate Studies prospectus website. This website will give you information about fees, courses and Colleges. There is also a link from this site to the online application site and for you to download hard copies of the application form. Please note that we only accept online applications.

Unsuccessful applications for the 4 year programme will also be considered for the one year MSc in Neuroscience course, unless they clearly express a wish NOT to be considered for the MSc in Neuroscience in their personal statement.

Please read the Application Guide before completing the application form.  There is no need to complete the section on Study Plans/Research Proposal but you should write a brief statement (maximum 1000 words) of your reasons for wanting to do this particular course. This is in addition to the standard 500 word statement required for all programmes in the Medical Sciences Division. You need to upload your academic transcripts. Applicants are requested to also ask three academic referees to write, in confidence, and upload their references to the secure server BEFORE the closing date.

Please quote the following course codes:

TM_NS6A2 for the 4 year Doctoral Programme in Neuroscience, 

TM_NS1 for the MSc in Neuroscience

Selected candidates for the 4 year Doctoral Programme in Neuroscience will be invited for interview via Teams on January 22-26 2024

Selected candidates for the one year MSc Neuroscience will be invited on the same dates.