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Sarah Vollam


Critical Care Researcher

Sarah has a clinical ICU nursing background and worked as a research nurse for several years before joining the university as a researcher. Her work focuses on detecting and managing clinical deteriorations in hospitalised patients, and post-ICU ward management. She has expertise in mixed methods and qualitative research.

Sarah recently completed the REFLECT project.This is a study investigated the course of care in patients following discharge from Intensive Care. This study identified several areas of clinical care where improvements could be made with the aim of reducing mortality and improving the experience of post-ICU patients. This work will inform future research aiming to implement these findings.

Other projects include:

Virtual HDU - a programme of research aimed to develop and test ambulatory vital signs monitoring to detect deterioration in surgical patients.

 Sarah was awarded a PhD from University of Hertfordshire in 2021.

 Sarah is an Associate Editor for Nursing in Critical Care.