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What's in this issue.

Journal article

Tume LN. and Vollam S., (2020), Nurs Crit Care, 25, 335 - 336

A qualitative exploration of escalation of care in the acute ward setting.

Journal article

Ede J. et al, (2020), Nurs Crit Care, 25, 171 - 178

Pilot and feasibility studies - more than just measuring metrics.

Journal article

Shah A. et al, (2020), Anaesthesia, 75

Measuring sleep in the intensive care unit: Electroencephalogram, actigraphy, or questionnaire?

Journal article

Darbyshire JL. et al, (2020), J Intensive Care Soc, 21, 22 - 27

CALMS 2 Protocol Version 2.2 and Patient Information Leaflet


vollam None. and watkinson None.