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Adam Packer

Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow

I studied neuroscience and biomedical engineering at MIT before completing a PhD at Columbia University with Dr. Rafael Yuste (Packer et al, J Neurosci 2011; Packer et al Nature Methods 2012; Packer et al Cerebral Cortex 2013).  As a Marie Curie Fellow at University College London in Dr. Michael Häusser’s lab, I developed a new approach using two-photon imaging and optogenetics to both readout and manipulate neural circuit activity in vivo (Packer et al Nature Neuroscience 2013, Packer et al Nature Methods 2015). I have a strong interest in technology dissemination and accessibilty, with a track record of combining experimental, computational, and theoretical approaches to design experiments and analyse data (Vogelstein et al 2009, Vogelstein et al 2010, Ahmadian et al 2011, Pachitariu et al 2013,) as well as understand structure and function in neural circuits (McGarry et al 2010, Turaga et al 2013, Aitchison et al 2017).

My group will use all-optical interrogation techniques I have helped pioneer to investigate neural coding principles in behaving animals. I have over 10 years of experience designing, building, and optimising two-photon microscopes to expand their capabilities, with specific expertise in optogenetics, calcium imaging, multi-cell targeted photostimulation, digital holography, and software development (Packer et al bioRxiv 2016).

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