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Oxford Neuroscience, together with Brain@McGill, has received the McCarthy Tetrault Award of Excellence for Partnership for the Oxford-McGill Neuroscience Collaboration. The award was part of the Quebec 50th Anniversary Awards of Excellence, held to celebrate collaboration between Quebec and the UK on the 50th Anniversary of the Quebec Government Office in London.

The McCarthy Tetrault Award of Excellence for Partnership
The McCarthy Tetrault Award of Excellence for Partnership

The award was accepted by Prof Alastair Buchan (Head of Medical Science Division, University of Oxford) and Prof Claudio Cuello (Chair for Brain@McGill) at a gala dinner held at the Savoy in London on 3rd October 2012. The acceptance speech can be viewed here.

The Oxford-McGill Neuroscience Collaboration was initiated in 2009 to provide support for joint workshops, grant writing exercises and pilot projects in all areas of neuroscience, from molecular to clinical. To date the collaboration has funded 24 projects with a total investment of £210,000. One of the projects has led to a £4m Wellcome Trust Strategic Award for the University of Oxford Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi).