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Photo from The Guardian
Photo from The Guardian

They argue schizophrenia isn't a specific, rare or rigorously defined illness. Instead, it covers a wide range of often unrelated conditions, all of which are also seen in people who are not mentally ill. Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman are the authors of “Paranoia: the 21st Century Fear”, - published by Oxford University Press – the authors found that almost 20% of UK adults reported feeling as though others were against them in the previous 12 months. 

Most of the time you encounter schizophrenia in the media with titles such as "Knife-wielding schizophrenic woman in court", "Schizo stranger killed dad", "Scared of mum's schizophrenic attacks". These stories imply that schizophrenia is the most dangerous of all metal illnesses. They argue such reporting is unhelpful, misleading and manipulative. Find out the truth the truth about schizophrenia by reading the article in The Guardian.