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Tamar Makin

Associate Professor & Sir Henry Dale Fellow

I am a neuroscientist at UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, heading the London Plasticity Lab. My main interest is in understanding the key drivers and limitations of reorganisation in the adult brain. My primary model for this work is studying individuals with a hand loss. A particular focus is on how habitual behaviour, such as prosthesis usage, shapes brain reorganisation. For this purpose, I integrate methods from the fields of neuroscience, experimental psychology and rehabilitation. I hope my research will enable clinicians to guide amputees and related clinical populations to take advantage of the benefits of brain reorganisation, rather than to suffer from their adverse effects.

I joined FMRIB in 2009, first as research fellow and later as a PI, to lead a research programme on brain plasticity associated with hand-loss. In 2016 I have moved with my lab (formerly known as Hand and Brain) to University College London. I maintain strong collaborative relationships with FMRIB, and in particular the Oxford Plasticity and Pain groups.  

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