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Mina Fazel


NIHR Post-doctoral Research Fellow

  • Associate Professor

I am interested in improving children and young people's access to mental health services. This is important because many children with emotional and behavioural difficulties never reach traditional mental health services, yet a substantial proportion of mental illness starts before the age of 18. Vulnerable populations access mental health services least, for example, the refugee populations I have studied describe many barriers to accessing services. It is therefore essential to find innovative ways to reach vulnerable populations of children in order to maximize their emotional, cognitive and social development at such a crucial stage in their lives.

School-based mental health interventions is the current focus of my research. I am working with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to develop better school-based mental health services across Oxfordshire secondary schools for all children. My NIHR post-doctoral fellowship is on developing psychological interventions that any front-line worker, even if they do not have a mental health background, can utilize in the school setting for refugee and asylum seeking children.

Our Lancet Psychiatry series on school mental health interventions are freely available online and can be found here: 

Refugee mental health needs have been a longstanding interest. I have conducted work on the epidemiology of and the risk and protective factors for mental health problems in refugee children, I am concerned about the psychological impacts of immigration detention and have an active interest in Narrative Exposure Therapy for PTSD.

My clinical work is as an honorary child and adolescent psychiatrist in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Children's Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals. 

Links to publications can be found here or via ResearchGate 

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