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Michal Rolinski


Clinical Research Fellow in Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders

  • DPhil Student

My research focuses on developing methods to allow the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in its earliest stages, before the onset of motor symptoms. Neurodegeneration in the substantia nigra starts many years before motor symptoms emerge and the final diagnosis of PD can be made. Identification of patients at this early, pre-motor, stage of the disease would provide insight into the earliest pathological pathways in PD and open the door to the targeted use of novel neuroprotective agents.

Drawing on the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre ( patient cohort, and under the supervision of Michele Hu and Clare Mackay, I am most interested in the use of novel neuroimaging techniques, such as transcranial sonography, and multi-modal MR imaging, in people at risk of developing PD in the future e.g. patients with REM sleep behaviour disorder.

I am also a Lecturer in Neuroscience and an Assistant Clinical Tutor at The Queen's College in Oxford.

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