Liliana Minichiello

Reader in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

  • Academic Research Leader

My primary long-standing research interest has been to define molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity, learning and memory.

Recent achievements and ongoing work in the lab involves elucidating how alteration of neurotrophin signalling and/or other molecules of interest in specific neurons affects the development of neural circuits and contribute to cognitive disorders, basal ganglia movement disorders, or to metabolic dysfunctions.

Lately, to break new ground in the understanding of neuronal function and associated pathologies, we have established single cell transcriptome analysis of adult neurons. This technology is particularly useful for the identification of molecular and functional heterogeneity within cell populations currently believed to be homogeneous.

I am also actively involved with teaching and examining activities of undergraduate (FHS Examiner) and postgraduate students at the University of Oxford. Established and managing DPhil and Postdoc internal seminar series for the Department of Pharmacology. I also contribute to administrative duties such as advisory committee, strategic direction and research committee meeting, teaching committee. And I am a member of AWERB Committee for Pharmacology and Biochemistry Departments, University of Oxford.