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Jorge Galino Barres

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Peripheral nerve injury is a common clinical problem causing weakness, sensory loss and neuropathic pain. A degree of endogenous recovery can occur following injury in peripheral nervous system (PNS), however, it is often incomplete, resulting in long term disability. RalA and RalB are two small GTPases that have been implicated in neural tube closure, neurite branching, cell migration and membrane dynamics. They may play an important role in axon outgrowth, Schwann cell proliferation, filopodia formation and remyelination of the axon in recovery following peripheral nerve injuries. My goal in this project is to study, by the use of transgenic animals compromising one or both GTPases, the implication of these proteins in nerve repair after injury.

I am also collaborating in a project with the group of Elizabeth Bradbury at Kings College London studying the rol of Neuregulin 1 in repair after spinal cord injury.

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