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John-Stuart Brittain


Academic Visitor

  • Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

My personal website and publications list

My research involves the investigation of human motor control through transcranial electrical stimulation. My focus is on revealing the neural mechanisms underlying tremor, such as occur in Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor, with a view to therapeutic treatment. I complement this cortical manipulation with the unique interventional opportunities afforded by deep brain stimulation to probe the subcortical contribution to these networks. By combining observational research with the manipulation of brain waves in patient cohorts and healthy volunteers I attempt to unveil the functional organisation and interaction of specific brain networks.

In 2015 John-Stuart was awarded a MRC New Investigator Research Grant, aimed at developing a non-invasive form of electrical stimulation as a realisable therapy for those afflicted with disabling tremors. The award will enable John-Stuart to pursue an independent research programme in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (Oxford University), while continuing his close collaboration with the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit to better understand the neurophysiology of tremor which informs viable treatment strategies.

I am privileged enough to enjoy active collaborations with a number of esteemed researchers, including David Halliday (Intelligent Systems Research Group, University of York), Kate Watkins (Speech and Brain Group, University of Oxford) and Marom Biksom (City College of New York).

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Research highlight

Brittain et al. (2013) Tremor suppression by rhythmic transcranial current stimulation. Current Biology, 23 (5): 436-440.

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