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Elizabeth Rapa


Post Doctoral Researcher

  • Research focussed on Communication with Children about their own, or their parent's Life Threatening Condition
  • Part of The Global Health Network

I am conducting studies in both high income and low and middle income countries on how children are told that they themselves, or their parent, has a life threatening condition (LTC). We are currently exploring the experiences of healthcare professionals (HCPs) involved in the care of patients with a LTC and their families. Previous research has highlighted the importance of communication to patients about the diagnosis of a LTC and the impact of this on both the patient and their family. Effective communication can be associated with better health, family and psychological outcomes, disease progression and treatment adherence. However, research also acknowledges the challenges of this work, both emotional and practical, for HCPs. We hope that this study will advance our understanding of the challenges faced by HCPs and help in developing resources and training materials to facilitate effective communication.

I am also part of The Global Health Network team which supports health professionals to lead research in the world’s most challenging settings and enables organizations to share best practice and know-how around the globe.

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