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David Vallance

Research Nurse

David has worked in a research capacity for the University for close to five years.  He is currently attached to the Nuffield Dept of Clinical Neurosciences.

During this time he has been invloved in a number of research projects including 'The Hospital of the Future' - A viability study of monitoring general hospital inpatient groups using a variety of experimental wearable monitoring technology.

Currently he is involved in two projects:

SEND - Which has been the development of an in house designed and produced web based platform for the entry and storage of patient vital sign observations.  This project is now at the stage of a hospital wide implentation, which will see SEND replace the currently used Early warning Track and Trigger charts.

PICRAM - Using wireless wearable monitoring technology to create a large database of post ICU patient observations.  The aims are to utilise the data which is created to allow an individualised alerting calculation for each patient to be made.  This will hopefully lead to improved post ICU care provision.