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2016 - Present
Associate Professor of Engineering Science
IBME, University of Oxford 

Clinical Imaging Hub Leader – MRI Physics
Department of Oncology, University of Oxford
University Research Lecturer
NDCN, University of Oxford
EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow
FMRIB Centre, University of Oxford
Post-doctoral Researcher
FMRIB Centre, University of Oxford
Post-doctoral Researcher
Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
Post-doctoral Researcher
Mathematics, University of Tasmania
Doctoral Candidate
Elec. Eng., University of Tasmania

Primary funding sources


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK)

Medical Research Council (UK)

The Royal Society

Daniel Bulte

Honorary Senior Research Fellow (NDCN)

  • Associate Professor of Engineering Science
  • The Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Brain physiology and Cancer Imaging

I work on creating MRI methods for calibrating the BOLD signal and for obtaining quantitative physiological information about the human brain. The research has focussed on using respiratory challenges to elucidate aspects of functional MRI signals so that accurate mathematical models can be constructed. My group is working towards the clinical translation of these emerging methods, and thus we concentrate on working at 3T, using short, patient-friendly paradigms.

I am also very involved with teaching at Oxford. I am a senior trainer in the Medical Sciences Division Teaching Skills programme, I recently obtained teaching qualification with the ungainly title of PGDipLaTHE, and I am a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am the thread co-ordinator for physics on the Biomedical Sciences undergraduate course, and deliver all of the lectures for that thread, and provide lectures on MRI for the Medical Physics option in the Department of Physics.

Collaborating Sites

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering
University of Oxford 

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
University of Cambridge

Acute Vascular Imaging Centre
University of Oxford

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