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The role of snare proteins in cortical development.

Journal article

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Rapid auditory processing and medial geniculate nucleus anomalies in Kiaa0319 knockout mice.

Journal article

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Early brain activity: Translations between bedside and laboratory.

Journal article

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Body, Brain, Behavior: Three Views and a Conversation


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A role for the cortex in sleep-wake regulation.

Journal article

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Automatic detection of seizure activity from EEG recordings of genetic rat model of absence epilepsy

Conference paper

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On the 400th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Willis.

Journal article

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Variations of telencephalic development that paved the way for neocortical evolution.

Journal article

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Loss of Dmrt5 Affects the Formation of the Subplate and Early Corticogenesis.

Journal article

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A role for the cortex in sleep-wake regulation

Journal article

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In Search Of Common Developmental And Evolutionary Origin Of The Claustrum And Subplate.

Journal article

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Congenital Zika syndrome is associated with maternal protein malnutrition.

Journal article

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