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Therapy approaches for stargardt disease

Journal article

Piotter E. et al, (2021), Biomolecules, 11

Insights on the Regeneration Potential of Müller Glia in the Mammalian Retina.

Journal article

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Expression of Rab Prenylation Pathway Genes and Relation to Disease Progression in Choroideremia.

Journal article

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Chimeric human opsins as optogenetic light sensitisers.

Conference paper

Hickey DG. et al, (2021), J Exp Biol

Chimeric human opsins as optogenetic light sensitisers

Journal article

HANKINS M. et al, (2021), The Journal of Experimental Biology

Microperimetry Hill of Vision and Volumetric Measures of Retinal Sensitivity.

Journal article

Josan AS. et al, (2021), Transl Vis Sci Technol, 10

Reduced vessel density in deep capillary plexus correlates with retinal layer thickness in choroideremia

Journal article

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Accurate Quantification of AAV Vector Genomes by Quantitative PCR.

Journal article

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Clinical applications of microperimetry in RPGR-related retinitis pigmentosa: a review.

Journal article

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AAV Induced Expression of Human Rod and Cone Opsin in Bipolar Cells of a Mouse Model of Retinal Degeneration

Journal article

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An analysis of the Kozak consensus in retinal genes and its relevance to gene therapy.

Journal article

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Chronic untreated retinal detachment in a patient with choroideremia provides insight into the disease process and potential therapy

Journal article

Martin-Gutierrez MP. et al, (2021), European Journal of Ophthalmology

CRISPR genome engineering for retinal diseases.


Kantor A. et al, (2021), 182, 29 - 79

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