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A deep learning framework for neuroscience.

Journal article

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Predicting the effects of deep brain stimulation using a reduced coupled oscillator model.

Journal article

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Learning the payoffs and costs of actions.

Journal article

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Predicting beta bursts from local field potentials to improve closed-loop DBS paradigms in Parkinson's patients.

Conference paper

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Time-varying decision boundaries: insights from optimality analysis.

Journal article

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Dendritic Integration of Sensory Evidence in Perceptual Decision-Making.

Journal article

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Overcoming indecision by changing the decision boundary.

Journal article

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An Approximation of the Error Backpropagation Algorithm in a Predictive Coding Network with Local Hebbian Synaptic Plasticity.

Journal article

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The Cognitive Role of the Globus Pallidus interna; Insights from Disease States.

Journal article

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A tutorial on the free-energy framework for modelling perception and learning.

Journal article

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Learning Reward Uncertainty in the Basal Ganglia.

Journal article

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Neuroscience: Impaired Decision-Making in Parkinson's Disease.

Journal article

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Properties of Neurons in External Globus Pallidus Can Support Optimal Action Selection.

Journal article

Bogacz R. et al, (2016), PLoS Comput Biol, 12

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