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Helix 8 - Putting a spring in mechano-sensing.

Journal article

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Mechano- and pH-sensing convergence on Ca2+-mobilising proteins - A recipe for cancer?

Journal article

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Coincidence Detection of Membrane Stretch and Extracellular pH by the Proton-Sensing Receptor OGR1 (GPR68).

Journal article

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Gordon Research Conference on Ca2+ Signalling 2017 Editorial.

Journal article

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Essentials of cell physiology

Journal article

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Reciprocal regulation of two G protein-coupled receptors sensing extracellular concentrations of Ca2+ and H.

Journal article

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Extracellular acidosis impairs P2Y receptor-mediated Ca(2+) signalling and migration of microglia.

Journal article

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Extracellular acidosis and cancer


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Protons and Ca2+: ionic allies in tumor progression?

Journal article

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Muscle dysfunction caused by a KATP channel mutation in neonatal diabetes is neuronal in origin.

Journal article

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Activation of native TRPC3 cation channels by phospholipase D.

Journal article

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A point mutation in TRPC3 causes abnormal Purkinje cell development and cerebellar ataxia in moonwalker mice.

Journal article

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Extracellular acidification elicits spatially and temporally distinct Ca2+ signals.

Journal article

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Changes in TRPC channel expression during postnatal development of cerebellar neurons.

Journal article

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