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First-In-Human Robot-Assisted Subretinal Drug Delivery Under Local Anaesthesia A Randomised Clinical Trial.

Journal article

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Characterizing the cellular immune response to subretinal AAV gene therapy in the murine retina.

Journal article

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Expression of Rab Prenylation Pathway Genes and Relation to Disease Progression in Choroideremia.

Journal article

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Flying baby optical coherence tomography alters the staging and management of advanced retinopathy of prematurity.

Journal article

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Genome-Editing Strategies for Treating Human Retinal Degenerations.

Journal article

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CRISPR genome engineering for retinal diseases.


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Is subretinal AAV gene replacement still the only viable treatment option for choroideremia?

Journal article

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Highest reported visual acuity after electronic retinal implantation.

Journal article

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Antisense oligonucleotide therapeutics in clinical trials for the treatment of inherited retinal diseases.

Journal article

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Correcting visual loss by genetics and prosthetics.

Journal article

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Cell-Mediated Inflammatory Response to AAV Gene Therapy in the Retina

Conference paper

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Initial results from a first-in-human gene therapy trial on X-linked retinitis pigmentosa caused by mutations in RPGR.

Journal article

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The Impact of Progressive Visual Field Constriction on Reading Ability in an Inherited Retinal Degeneration.

Journal article

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Looking towards gene therapy: Characterisation of ex vivo AAV2.CYP4V2 gene therapy in human retinal explants

Conference paper


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