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Time Trends in Male Breast Cancer Incidence, Mortality, and Survival in Austria (1983–2017)

Journal article

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Viewpoint: Assessing the value of mental health treatments in Europe.

Journal article

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Methods for think-aloud interviews in health-related resource-use research: the PECUNIA RUM instrument.

Journal article

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Development of an Instrument for the Assessment of Health-Related Multi-sectoral Resource Use in Europe: The PECUNIA RUM.

Conference paper

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Kostensätze zur monetären Bewertung des Ressourcenverbrauchs psychischer Erkrankungen im Justizsektor: Ergebnisse des PECUNIA-Projekts für Deutschland

Journal article

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In search of a 'pan-European value set'; application for EQ-5D-3L.

Journal article

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Estimating the Excess Non-Mental Health Hospital Care Costs Associated with Excess Physical Comorbidity Burden of Selected Mental Health Disorders in Europe

Conference paper

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International comparability of reference unit costs of education services: when harmonizing methodology is not enough (PECUNIA project).

Journal article

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Unit Costs in Health Economic Evaluations: Quo Vadis, Austria?

Journal article

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