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Pten haploinsufficiency causes desynchronized growth of brain areas involved in sensory processing

Journal article

Clipperton-Allen AE. et al, (2022), iScience, 25

Atypical Functional Connectivity During Unfamiliar Music Listening in Children With Autism.

Journal article

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PDZD8 Disruption Causes Cognitive Impairment in Humans, Mice, and Fruit Flies

Journal article

Al-Amri AH. et al, (2022), Biological Psychiatry

A triple-network organization for the mouse brain.

Journal article

Mandino F. et al, (2021), Mol Psychiatry

A ketogenic diet affects brain volume and metabolome in juvenile mice.

Journal article

Mayengbam S. et al, (2021), Neuroimage, 244

Placental endocrine function shapes cerebellar development and social behavior.

Journal article

Vacher C-M. et al, (2021), Nat Neurosci

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