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How to build a game for empirical bioethics research: The case of 'Tracing Tomorrow'.

Journal article

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Ethical dimensions of translational developmental neuroscience research in autism

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Ethics of Early Intervention in Alzheimer's Disease.

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Ethical Issues in Consent for the Reuse of Data in Health Data Platforms.

Journal article

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Design Bioethics: A Theoretical Framework and Argument for Innovation in Bioethics Research.

Journal article

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Ethics of Early Intervention and Prevention in Alzheimer's Disease

Journal article

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Debate: Promoting capabilities for young people's agency in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Journal article

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Multidisciplinary research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Journal article

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Gamifying bioethics: A case study of co-designing empirical tools with adolescents

Conference paper

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Is coercion ever beneficent? Public health ethics in early intervention and prevention for mental health


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Co-Production: An Ethical Model for Mental Health Research?

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Co-producing research with youth: The NeurOx young people's advisory group model.

Journal article

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