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The putative lithium-mimetic ebselen reduces impulsivity in rodent models.

Journal article

Barkus C. et al, (2018), J Psychopharmacol, 32, 1018 - 1026

'Waking at a lower cost': running wheel access reduces sleep propensity

Conference paper

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Light and Cognition: Roles for Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Arousal.

Journal article

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Somatic Accumulation of GluA1-AMPA Receptors Leads to Selective Cognitive Impairments in Mice.

Journal article

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Gene-Environment Interaction in a Conditional NMDAR-Knockout Model of Schizophrenia.

Journal article

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Sleep homeostasis, habits and habituation.

Journal article

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Constant Light Desynchronizes Olfactory versus Object and Visuospatial Recognition Memory Performance.

Journal article

Tam SKE. et al, (2017), J Neurosci, 37, 3555 - 3567

Control of Amygdala Circuits by 5-HT Neurons via 5-HT and Glutamate Cotransmission.

Journal article

Sengupta A. et al, (2017), J Neurosci, 37, 1785 - 1796

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