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Ego- and allocentric visuospatial neglect: Dissociations, prevalence, and laterality in acute stroke.

Journal article

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Flemish Normative Data for the Buschke Selective Reminding Test

Journal article

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Neural signatures of Trail Making Test performance: Evidence from lesion-mapping and neuroimaging studies.

Journal article

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TVA-Based Assessment of Visual Attention Using Line-Drawings of Fruits and Vegetables.

Journal article

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The design of a virtual reality game for stroke-induced attention deficits

Conference paper

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Deficit in feature-based attention following a left thalamic lesion.

Journal article

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Preparatory α-band oscillations reflect spatial gating independently of predictions regarding target identity.

Journal article

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Neural Correlates of Drug-Related Attentional Bias in Heroin Dependence.

Journal article

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Neuropsychological evidence for the temporal dynamics of category-specific naming.

Journal article

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A tribute to professor Glyn Humphreys.

Journal article

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Temporal orienting of attention can be preserved in normal aging.

Journal article

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Interaction between object-based attention and pertinence values shapes the attentional priority map of a multielement display.

Journal article

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Space and object based neglect: Incidence and recovery

Journal article

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Asymmetrical white matter networks for attending to global versus local features.

Journal article

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3D Shape Perception in Posterior Cortical Atrophy: A Visual Neuroscience Perspective.

Journal article

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