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Enhancement of Adeno-Associated Virus-Mediated Gene Therapy Using Hydroxychloroquine in Murine and Human Tissues.

Journal article

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Filtration of Short-Wavelength Light Provides Therapeutic Benefit in Retinitis Pigmentosa Caused by a Common Rhodopsin Mutation.

Journal article

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Beneficial effects on vision in patients undergoing retinal gene therapy for choroideremia.

Journal article

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Differential roles for cryptochromes in the mammalian retinal clock.

Journal article

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Choroideremia: molecular mechanisms and development of AAV gene therapy.

Journal article

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Vector shedding and immunology results from a gene therapy clinical trial for choroideremia

Conference paper


The Biological Activity of AAV Vectors for Choroideremia Gene Therapy Can Be Measured by In Vitro Prenylation of RAB6A.

Journal article

Patrício MI. et al, (2018), Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev, 9, 288 - 295

A missense mutation in Katnal1 underlies behavioural, neurological and ciliary anomalies.

Journal article

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Vector Shedding and Immunogenicity Sampling for Retinal Gene Therapy.

Journal article

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Gene Therapy for Color Blindness.

Journal article

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Long-term restoration of visual function in end-stage retinal degeneration using subretinal human melanopsin gene therapy.

Journal article

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Prenylation of Rab6a as a Potency Assay for Choroideremia Gene Therapy

Journal article

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