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In haploid homothallic yeast, cell division gives rise to a mother cell that transiently transcribes the HO gene (as it undergoes START) and a daughter cell that does not. Consequently, only mother cells switch their mating types. Here, we test the proposition that a transcription factor called SWI5 is the "determinant" of mother-cell-specific HO transcription; that is, that SWI5 is the only factor missing in daughter cells. We show that SWI5 RNAs are cell-cycle regulated so that they are only produced after the post-START window of HO transcription. This regulation is vital for mother-cell specificity since constitutive transcription of SWI5 causes daughter cells to switch their mating types. We propose that SWI5 gene products are partitioned asymmetrically at cell division.


Journal article



Publication Date





549 - 558


Base Sequence, Cell Cycle, Crosses, Genetic, Genes, Fungal, Genes, Regulator, Genotype, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Transcription, Genetic