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RhoG is a low-molecular-weight GTPase highly expressed in lymphocytes that activates gene transcription and promotes cytoskeletal reorganization in vitro. To study the in vivo function of RhoG, we generated mice homozygous for a targeted disruption of the RhoG gene. Despite the absence of RhoG, the development of B and T lymphocytes was unaffected. However, there was an increase in the level of serum immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) and IgG2b as well as a mild increase of the humoral immune response to thymus-dependent antigens. In addition, B- and T-cell proliferation in response to antigen receptor cross-linking was slightly increased. Although RhoG deficiency produces a mild phenotype, our experiments suggest that RhoG may contribute to the negative regulation of immune responses. The lack of a strong phenotype could indicate a functional redundancy of RhoG with other Rac proteins in lymphocytes.

Original publication




Journal article


Molecular and Cellular Biology

Publication Date





719 - 729