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Utilising pulse-field gel electrophoresis physical linkage between three mouse X-linked genes has been demonstrated. The three genes, P3, G6pd and Cf-8 all lie within 400 Kb of DNA. This physical linkage mirrors the situation on the human X chromosome, representing the first demonstration of mouse/human synteny at the physical level. A detailed physical map encompassing 1.6 Mbp of this region is presented. A number of the rare cutter restriction enzyme sites within this map are partially blocked on the inactive X chromosome, presumably due to the methylation of CpG rich islands. Pulsed field gel electrophoresis therefore provides a useful tool for the study of X-inactivation over large regions of the X chromosome.

Original publication




Journal article


Nucleic Acids Res

Publication Date





1315 - 1326


Animals, Blotting, Southern, Chromosome Mapping, Cloning, Molecular, Electrophoresis, Agar Gel, Female, Genes, Genetic Linkage, Genetic Markers, Glucosephosphate Dehydrogenase, Indicators and Reagents, Male, Mice, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Restriction Mapping, Thymus Gland, X Chromosome