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A physical map encompassing approximately 2.0 megabases (Mb) in the region of the mouse X-inactivation center has been constructed. The map extends from the Gjb-1 locus to the Xist locus and demonstrates the order of probes inseparable by genetic analysis. The deduced locus order is as follows: Gjb-1, Ccg-1, DXCrc171, Rps4, Phka, DXCrc177, DXCrc318, Xist. Detailed physical mapping in the region between the Phka and Xist loci indicates the position of CpG-rich islands associated with the 5‘ end of genes. The DXCrc177 and DXCrc318 loci, both defined by probes derived from linking clones, are associated with CpG-rich islands. The map provides a framework for the isolation of underlying sequences in the mouse X-inactivation center region. © 1993 by Academic Press, Inc.

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570 - 575