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The mouse X-inactivation center lies just distal to the T16H breakpoint. Utilizing pedigree analysis of backcross progeny from a Mus domesticus/Mus spretus interspecific cross, we have mapped a number of genetic loci, gene probes, microclones, and EagI linking clones distal to the T16H breakpoint. The genetic analysis provides a detailed genetic map in the vicinity of the mouse X-inactivation center. Comparative mapping data from the human X chromosome indicate that the most probable location of the mouse X-inactivation center is distal to Ccg-1 and in the region of the Pgk-1 locus. We report the assignment of two new loci, EM13 and DXSmh44, to the Ccg-1/Pgk-1 interval.


Journal article



Publication Date





566 - 572


Animals, Blotting, Southern, Chromosome Mapping, Crosses, Genetic, Dosage Compensation, Genetic, Muridae, Polymorphism, Restriction Fragment Length, X Chromosome