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The 'I-NOvent delivery system' (Ohmeda Inc., Madison, WI, USA) is a device designed to add nitric oxide to a ventilator breathing system so that the inspired nitric oxide concentration remains constant in spite of changes in minute ventilation. In a laboratory study the device maintained the inspired nitric oxide concentration delivered to a model lung in the range 10.2-10.7 parts per million (ppm) when set to deliver 10 ppm, and in the range 40.5-42 ppm when set to deliver 40 ppm, for tidal volumes of 500, 700 and 900 ml, ventilator rates of 10, 15 and 20 bpm, peak inspiratory flow rates of 30, 40 and 50 litre min-1, and square, sine and decelerating ramp flow waveforms.

Original publication




Journal article


British Journal of Anaesthesia

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398 - 401