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Cerebral blood flow is an important parameter in many diseases and functional studies that can be accurately measured in humans using arterial spin labelling (ASL) MRI. However, although rat models are frequently used for preclinical studies of both human disease and brain function, rat CBF measurements show poor consistency between studies. This lack of reproducibility is due, partly, to the smaller size and differing head geometry of rats compared to humans, as well as the differing analysis methodologies employed and higher field strengths used for preclinical MRI. To address these issues, we have implemented, optimised and validated a multiphase pseudo-continuous ASL technique, which overcomes many of the limitations of rat CBF measurement. Three rat strains (Wistar, Sprague Dawley and Berlin Druckrey IX) were used, and CBF values validated against gold-standard autoradiography measurements. Label positioning was found to be optimal at 45°, while post-label delay was optimised to 0.55 s. Whole brain CBF measures were 109 ± 22, 111 ± 18 and 100 ± 15 mL/100 g/min by multiphase pCASL, and 108 ± 12, 116 ± 14 and 122 ± 16 mL/100 g/min by autoradiography in Wistar, SD and BDIX cohorts, respectively. Tumour model analysis shows that the developed methods also apply in disease states. Thus, optimised multiphase pCASL provides robust, reproducible and non-invasive measurement of CBF in rats.

Original publication




Journal article


J Cereb Blood Flow Metab

Publication Date





1557 - 1569


Arterial spin labelling, autoradiography, cerebral blood flow, multiphase, rats, Animals, Brain, Cerebrovascular Circulation, Female, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Rats, Spin Labels