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Centrioles are small barrel-shaped structures that form centrosomes and cilia [1]. Centrioles assemble around a central cartwheel comprising the Sas-6 and Ana2/STIL proteins. The amino termini of nine Sas-6 dimers form a central hub of ∼12 nm radius from which nine dimer spokes radiate, placing the Sas-6 carboxyl termini at the outer edge of the ∼60 nm radius cartwheel [2]. Several centriole proteins are distributed in a toroid around the cartwheel, and super-resolution light microscopy studies have measured the average radii of these ∼100-200 nm radius toroids with a 'precision' - or standard deviation (s.d. or 1σ) - of ±∼10-40 nm. The organization of Ana2/STIL within the cartwheel, however, has not been resolvable. Here, we develop methods to calculate the average toroidal radius of centriolar proteins in the ∼20-60 nm range with a s.d. of just ±∼4-5 nm, revealing that the amino and carboxyl termini of Ana2 are located in the outer cartwheel region.

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Curr Biol

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R1054 - R1055