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Sustained signalling at the immune synapse (IS) requires the synaptic delivery of recycling endosome-associated T cell antigen receptors (TCRs). IFT20, a component of the intraflagellar transport system, controls TCR recycling to the IS as a complex with IFT57 and IFT88. Here, we used quantitative mass spectrometry to identify additional interaction partners of IFT20 in Jurkat T cells. In addition to IFT57 and IFT88, the analysis revealed new binding partners, including IFT54 (also known as TRAF3IP1), GMAP-210 (also known as TRIP11), Arp2/3 complex subunit-3 (ARPC3), COP9 signalosome subunit-1 (CSN1, also known as GPS1) and ERGIC-53 (also known as LMAN1). A direct interaction between IFT20 and both IFT54 and GMAP-210 was confirmed in pulldown assays. Confocal imaging of antigen-specific conjugates using T cells depleted of these proteins by RNA interference showed that TCR accumulation and phosphotyrosine signalling at the IS were impaired in the absence of IFT54, ARPC3 or ERGIC-53. Similar to in IFT20-deficient T cells, this defect resulted from a reduced ability of endosomal TCRs to polarize to the IS despite a correct translocation of the centrosome towards the antigen-presenting cell contact. Our data underscore the traffic-related role of an IFT20 complex that includes components of the intracellular trafficking machinery in IS assembly.

Original publication




Journal article


J Cell Sci




1110 - 1121


Immune synapse assembly, Intraflagellar transport system, Mass spectrometry analysis, Actin-Related Protein 2-3 Complex, Carrier Proteins, Endocytosis, HEK293 Cells, Humans, Immunological Synapses, Jurkat Cells, Lymphocyte Activation, Mannose-Binding Lectins, Mass Spectrometry, Membrane Proteins, Microtubule-Associated Proteins, Microtubule-Organizing Center, Nuclear Proteins, Protein Binding, Protein Interaction Maps, Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, Receptors, Transferrin, T-Lymphocytes