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During barley germination, the aleurone layer secretes most of the enzymes required to degrade the endosperm, many of which are yet to be characterized. We used activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) to detect a range of active enzymes extracted from aleurone layers isolated from grains of a commercial malting barley variety incubated with or without gibberellic acid (GA). Enzymes found to be induced by GA were putative aleurains, cathepsin-B-like proteases and serine hydrolases. By using an inhibitory sugar panel, a specific active retaining β-glycosidase in the barley aleurone was identified as a putative xylanase. Our results show that ABPP can be used rapidly to identify a variety of active enzyme isoforms in cereal aleurone without the need for enzyme purification.

Original publication




Journal article



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2956 - 2962


activity-based protein profiling, aleurone layer, barley, Abscisic Acid, Apoptosis, Endosperm, Gene Expression Regulation, Plant, Germination, Gibberellins, Hordeum, Plant Proteins, Reactive Oxygen Species