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A global revision of Convolvulus L. is presented, Calystegia R.Br. being excluded on pragmatic grounds. One hundred and ninety species are recognised with the greatest diversity in the Irano-Turanian region. All recognised species are described and the majority are illustrated. Distribution details, keys to species identification and taxonomic notes are provided. Four new species, Convolvulusaustroafricanus J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, sp. nov., Convolvulusiranicus J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, sp. nov., Convolvuluspeninsularis J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, sp. nov. and Convolvulusxanthopotamicus J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, sp. nov., one new subspecies Convolvuluschinensissubsp.triangularis J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, subsp. nov., and two new varieties Convolvulusequitansvar.lindheimeri J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, var. nov., Convolvulusglomeratusvar.sachalitarum J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, var. nov. are described. Convolvulusincisodentatus J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, nom. nov., is provided as a replacement name for the illegitimate Convolvulusincisus Choisy. Several species treated as synonyms of other species in recent publications are reinstated including Convolvuluschinensis Ker-Gawl., Convolvulusspinifer M.Popov., Convolvulusrandii Rendle and Convolvulusaschersonii Engl. Ten taxa are given new status and recognised at new ranks: Convolvulusnamaquensis (Schltr. ex. A.Meeuse) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvulushermanniaesubsp.erosus (Desr.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvuluscrenatifoliussubsp.montevidensis (Spreng.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvulusfruticulosussubsp.glandulosus (Webb) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvuluscapituliferussubsp.foliaceus (Verdc.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvulushystrixsubsp.ruspolii (Dammer ex Hallier f.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvulushystrixsubsp.inermis (Chiov.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvulusrottlerianussubsp.stocksii (Boiss.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, comb. et stat. nov., Convolvuluscalvertiisubsp.ruprechtii (Boiss.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov., Convolvuluscephalopodussubsp.bushiricus (Bornm.) J.R.I.Wood & R.W.Scotland, stat. nov. The status of various infraspecific taxa is clarified and numerous taxa are lectotypified. This account represents a new initiative in terms of taxonomic monography, being an attempt to bring together the global approach of the traditional monograph with the more pragmatic and identification-focussed approach of most current floras while at the same time being informed by insights from molecular systematics.

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Journal article



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1 - 282


Convolvulaceae, global revision, lectotypification, monograph, morning glories, new species, new taxa