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The targeting route of newly synthesized GM130 and GRASP65 to the Golgi apparatus was investigated by three different approaches. First, localization of pulse labeled GM130 and GRASP65 in normal rat kidney (NRK) cells was traced by subcellular fractionation followed by immunoprecipitation. Immediately after the pulse labeling, GM130 and GRASP65 were found in the Golgi but not in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane fractions, whereas a control Golgi membrane protein was still found in the ER membrane fractions. Second, epitope tagged GM130 and GRASP65 were expressed in NRK cells by plasmid microinjection into the nuclei and their localization was analyzed by immunofluorescence. When ER to Golgi transport was inhibited by prior microinjection of a GTP-restricted mutant of Sar1 protein into the cytosol, the expressed GM130 and GRASP65 showed clear Golgi localization. Last, binding of GM130 and GRASP65 to the membranes was analyzed in vitro. In vitro synthesized GM130 and GRASP65 specifically bound to purified Golgi membranes but not to microsomal membranes. The bound GM130 and GRASP65 were found to form a complex with pre-existing counterparts on the Golgi membrane. These results strongly suggested that GM130 and GRASP65 are directly targeted to the Golgi membrane without initial assembly on the ER and subsequent vesicular transport to the Golgi apparatus.


Journal article


Journal of Cell Science

Publication Date





4105 - 4115