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Protein kinases control Golgi function in both mitotic and interphase cells. In mitosis, phosphorylation of structural proteins by Cdk1 (cyclin-dependent kinase 1)-cyclin B, Polo-like and mitogen-activated protein kinases underlie changes in Golgi reorganization during cell division. While in interphase, signalling pathways that are associated with the Golgi control secretory function through a variety of mechanisms. Some of these, notably those involving protein kinase D and Ste20 family kinases, are also relevant for the establishment and maintenance of cell polarization and migration.


Journal article


Biochem Soc Symp

Publication Date



15 - 30


Animals, Cell Movement, Cell Polarity, Golgi Apparatus, Humans, Interphase, Mitosis, Protein Kinases, Signal Transduction