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Copyright © Fauna & Flora International 2014. We use data from camera-trap surveys for tigers Panthera tigris in combination with spatial capture-recapture models to provide the first density estimates for the Sunda clouded leopard Neofelis diardi on Sumatra. Surveys took place during 2004-2007 in the Kerinci landscape. Densities were 0.385-1.278 per 100 km<sup>2</sup>. We found no statistically significant differences in density among four study sites or between primary and mixed forest. Because the data sets are too small to account for differences in detection parameters between sexes, density is probably underestimated. Estimates are comparable to previous estimates of 1-2 per 100 km<sup>2</sup> from the lowlands of central Sabah, on Borneo. Data limitations suggest that camera-trap surveys for Sunda clouded leopards require traps spaced more closely, to increase the chance of recaptures at different traps. Nevertheless, these first density estimates for clouded leopards on Sumatra provide a benchmark for measuring future conservation impact on an island that is undergoing rapid forest loss.

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536 - 539